About us

DINIAL has been founded by a sibling named Dina and Daniyal during the early pandemic in Persia to make some tweaks to available products in the market while collaborating with great designers to promote its unique goods.

This brand was founded with the idea of tweaking the design and boosting the sustainability aspect of current products in the market and offering it at appropriate prices and services to people around the world. Our team know everyone regardless of their age and gender needs home and cleaning accessories and we are making it accessible for all.

Unlike other competitors in the market, DINIAL is bringing innovation to your daily essential home care products. It aims to share tips with you on how to take advantage of essential goods in your home and how to make cleaning and decorating fun.

Currently, we have launched our cleaning goods in the Uk, while in the Middle East we are selling home decors and kitchen accessories. We believe every market has its unique market and DINIAL's team is working so hard to meet the demand and produce and design specific products for each market.

DINIAL team is grateful for your positive outlook and support and is always welcoming your feedback and amazing idea as we are here to invent your needed home and kitchen supplies.